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Thursday, April 7, 2016


(Priya Dala)

Little haven of music and ambience in Umhlanga. (Review by Priya Dala)

Sunday afternoons and words, two precious things not to be taken for granted. Our lives are filled with so much noise that finding an oasis in the scramble remains a challenge. I found a Sunday afternoon little haven of music and ambience which I think will change the droll of an upcoming blue Monday.

L’Aperitivo – a music venue with a new concept of high tea in a blissful marriage with live music is definitely worth a visit. Tucked away neatly in the Piazza, Aurora Drive Umhlanga Ridge, just a scroll through the venue’s website will transport you to an upmarket Italian experience. And in this case, it does what it says on the box. A subtle ambience of intimacy - created by the manager, Italian-born Cecilia di Cecco, who is a classically trained cellist who knows good music.

On April 3 2016, L’Aperitivo hosted Greg Georgiades and Ashish Joshi, a pairing of strings and percussion, who created a showcase of their combined talents. Georgiades, of Egyptian and Syrian descent, headlined a musical journey into the string instruments of North Africa, Arabia and the Mediterranean. Joshi, in a distinctive humility I find refreshing in a drummer-guy (and I have known some), was an accomplished partner to the journey of oud, ukelele and nylon guitar with his beautifully constant tabla, interspersed occasionally with a Peruvian cajon. Of course, a decent sound-check beforehand would have enhanced the experience somewhat.

Bright things are in store for these musicians. Joshi lends his music and voice to the soundtrack of the locally made movie Freestate to premier at the Grahamstown Festival. CD’s of both musicians’ compilations are available at L’Aperitivo Venue. Again, kudos to Joshi – his CD which he shyly gave me afterwards, Architects of Underground Music, was House fantastic. I do love Underground House.

My only criticism, this venue needs a few lighting tweaks.

Look, this venue is not a cheapie – a cover charge of R250 is nothing to sneeze at in this climate. But if you have it, use it, and this venue will give a fresh experience.

Good news for drama lovers amongst us – L’Aperitivo is now planning a drama evening.

Artists – your queries are welcomed. Contact Cecilia on 031 825 2939 or 082 372 4322 or go to

L’Aperitivo Venue is situated on Piazza Auroras, 9 Aurora Drive, Umhlanga Ridge. – Priya Dala