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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


As of this month, M-Net Movies promises to whisk movie lovers off to a place where they can bask in the fun of all things film-related. This magical place is called Lalla Land and at the epicentre of all the action is the lovely television personality Lalla Hiriyama. 

With microphone in hand, Lalla will embark on trips around the globe to interview A-list big screen stars, catch them as they walk the red carpet at international premieres and give viewers an unusual behind-the-scenes glimpse into the world of making blockbuster films. 

“We know that our viewers are a little obsessed with movies,” says M-Net Movies Head of Marketing, Justin Jacobie. “With her dynamo personality and charming demeanour Lalla is the ideal person to represent M-Net movies and all our movie fans at these events and bring us closer to all the stars and celebrities that we are all dying to meet.”

Lalla Land will be screened as mini-sodes across M-Net’s nine movie channels, as well as in a dedicated slot on M-Net Movies Premiere, just before the week’s Sunday night blockbuster at 20h30. It can also be viewed on the official M-Net Movie website where Lalla Land will have its own page. Lalla will also often include exclusive additional material of her unforgettable trips abroad on the website. 

While Lalla Land will feature exclusive interviews and Lalla’s personal diary and cam snippets, viewers will also be granted the opportunity to submit their own questions. “This makes Lalla Land extra special,” says Jacobie. “Have you ever had such access to all your favourite stars, asking them the things you really want to know?”

Lalla was on call at the premiere of the delightful local film Happiness is a Four Letter Word which has been a great success on the movie circuit. 

For more information, check out the Facebook page at and join the conversation on Twitter here: @mnetmovies. Lalla’s first personal interview with the stars of Batman vs Superman can be found at