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Monday, June 13, 2016


Deadline for registration: June 17, 2016

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is on the hunt for an effervescent emcee to host the ACT Scholarships final at the Market Theatre on October 10.

Aspiring emcees from around the country will have the opportunity to audition for this prestigious position, as ACT visits various South African cities and towns to host the Scholarships auditions.

Kicking off later this month, the Scholarships auditions will see matric, first and second year performing arts scholars and students battle it out for a position in the finals. Winners will each receive a share of R800,000 to go towards tuition fees for a performing arts qualification at any accredited South African tertiary institution.

The winner of the emcee search will host the ultimate showcase of these Scholarships finalists, who will be displaying their passion and skills through song, dance and acting. The dramatic nature of this final event requires the dynamism of a talented emcee, someone who oozes charisma and is able to tie all the finalists’ performances together seamlessly.

In 2015, this task was bestowed upon Raymond Motadi, who has since gone on to host a variety of radio and TV shows. Motadi says a friend talked him into auditioning for the emcee position, something he says he will forever be grateful.

“The experience was an incredible one, it allowed me to grow as an entertainer and performer,” Motadi says. “I also had an opportunity to work with people who have done amazing things within the arts, thus allowing me to take note of their work ethic, which I found passionate and riveting. Emceeing the Scholarships final definitely enhanced my career in a sense that people still remember my face and they tune into my radio show on Tshwane FM. People also text me to find out when I'm performing or when am I hosting an event.”

Motadi says he wholeheartedly encourages aspirant entertainers to audition for the ACT Scholarships emcee position; “it is an amazing experience that will provide them with growth and confidence and it will also expose them to a bigger platform that will allow agents to see them,” he says.

The emcee search is open to anyone, and if the selected winner is not from Johannesburg, ACT will arrange transport and accommodation. The winning emcee will also receive a stipend for their efforts.

Emcee search auditions will take place on the same dates as the auditions for the Scholarships themselves. There is no registration fee, and participants can register online at: The closing date for the emcee registrations is June 17 and all registered individuals will be supplied with audition material and necessary details.

Durban auditions will take place on June 25.