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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


The next Arts Interactive meeting will take place tomorrow (June 8) and the guest speaker will be artist John Smith who will talk about the people and things that have influenced him in becoming an artist.

Smith was born in Worcester in the Cape in 1944. He comes from a family of artists and studied with Dutch born artist, Johan Oldert. He has been a professional painter since 1974 and works in oils, pastels and watercolours. He has taught art privately for 35 years.

Arts Interactive will take place on June 8 from 18h00 for 18h30 at the College Rovers Rugby Club, Kings Park Stadium, Jacko Jackson Drive in Durban. Entrance R120 pp.

There will be car guards in attendance and the area is safe with adequate parking right outside.

RSVP soonest and  please note that each Arts Interactive is specifically catered and pre-ordered – so when people cancel just beforehand or do not arrive, the organisation is liable to pay for their food. Drinks can be purchased.

For more information email: