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Sunday, July 17, 2016


(Daniel Goldstein’s “Medicine Man”)

Complementing the Through Positive Eyes exhibition which is running at the Durban Art Gallery, there are additional artworks on display.

Artists include artists Daniel Goldstein (San Francisco) whose sculptural Medicine Man is an iconic image and will be included with mandala-like presentations of photographs; Gordon Mundie (London) has created a “bag of shame” and an interactive stigma installation using UV light and invisible ink and New Delhi-based curator Parthiv Shah’s contribution is a beautiful series of hand-made books displayed as artworks.

The team of artivists have chosen favourite images from the project and included other works giving these images their own individualistic spin. The exhibition culminates in a gallery transformed into a small theatre, in which a sophisticated sound-and-light show, designed by New York theatrical designer Stan Pressner, is enacted, entitled Banishing Stigma.

The exhibition in its current form has been curated by David Gere (Los Angeles), Stan Pressner (New York) and Carol Brown (Durban).

The Durban Art Gallery is situated on the second floor of the Durban City Hall, entrance in Anton Lembede (formerly Smith) Street opposite the Playhouse. More information on 031 311 2262/6.