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Saturday, July 9, 2016


(“Isithutha” by Muzi Ndlela)

It is identity or belief that distinguishes Muzi Ndlela, the emerging artist that has solo exhibition running at the Tatham Art Gallery Schreiner Room.

Therefore it is important to note that Ndlela has used the goat as a symbol of both his Nguni culture, more specific his Zulu identity, and as an affirmation of his beliefs. However, the goat image does not only encompass or affirm that statement, it also a symbol of wealth - the more goats one has will lift one’s social standing, albeit not above the one with cows.

Does this mean Ndlela is going to be a well-known artist of his time? Come and view his exhibition and see for yourself to conclude this long journey of the artist’s life….

In reading the early experiences that Ndlela has brought forward using these animals he is no different to any young man growing up in rural or semi-rural areas where the early experiences that will teach responsibility and accountability is by herding goats.

Identity Or Belief brings forth more questions than answers, it brings a new perspective on what we have been accustomed to; on what we believe is righteous or is the norm. The Nguni culture is synonymous with sacrificial offerings and particularly the goat as a mediator between man and ancestors.

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