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Friday, July 8, 2016


(Gulshan Mia)

(Reviews from the artSMart team currently in Grahamstown at the 2016 National Arts Festival)

One of the bravest and uplifting experiences I have ever had. (Review by Khinali Bagwandeen)

One of the most awaited performances of the 2016 National Arts Festival was Unveiled, written by internationally-acclaimed playwright and actress Rohina Malik.

I went to Unveiled with high expectations that were exceeded in the first 15 minutes of the performance. Unveiled tackles the issues of Islamophobia and the story is revealed through five Muslim female characters all played by Durban-born actress and activist Gulshan Mia.

Unveiled was written in response to the 9/11 attacks in America and is one of the bravest and uplifting experiences I have ever had. Mia gave an outstanding performance and the script of the play has been written with such sincerity and intellect, it will have audiences talking about it long after the show. Unveiled is directed by Wayne Maugans and this is the first time it has been performed in South Africa.

This performance is an experience everyone should have and there is still one more show on July 9 at 17h30 at The Hangar at Rhodes University, thereafter the show will be moving to Johannesburg at Wits Theatre (July 16). – Khinali Bagwandeen

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