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Monday, September 19, 2016


Larger than life, zany, wild off the wall, just a little bit different and undoubtedly world-class. (Review by Keith Millar)

The Hilton Arts Festival’s stated aim is to bring the pick of South African Theatre to KwaZulu-Natal. Well, in the case to the superlative production, Big Boys the Third, they certainly hit the mark.

Follow Spot Productions enjoyed a very popular and successful first visit to Hilton last year with their award winning, unique and whacky dance/comedy show, Big Boys 2. Following on that triumph, they returned this year with the third episode in the madcap saga of Brad and Ash. This was much to the delight of festival-goers who turned up in their hundreds and filled the huge marquee, which goes by the misnomer of The Falcon Tent, to overflowing at both performances of the production.

The charismatic Brad and Ash Searle, brothers both off and on the stage, are prodigiously talented theatre practitioners. Their script is belly-achingly funny and they deliver it with exquisite comedy timing. They are gifted dancers and their use of AV and computer graphics is truly dazzling. Such as when they dance with projected images of themselves.

Their use of sound and light is also fresh and innovative and the technical operation of these aspects are both is slick and professional.

Big Boys the Third is about the antics of the brothers as they wait at a hospital for Brad’s girlfriend to have a baby. There are hilarious moments as they discuss the girlfriend’s protractions (contractions) and how many centimetres she is diluted (dilated). The scene in the delivery room where Brad repeatedly faints is also very funny.

Of course, at the drop of a hat they will have a flashback to their previous capers and that will result in them performing a highly energetic, acrobatic and usually comic dance.

 As usual Brad plays the dumb brother and gets all the best lines while Ash is the slightly more intelligent one. The gags keep coming – both verbal and physical – and one is guaranteed to leave this show with sore ribs from laughing.

Big Boys the Third is larger than life, zany, wild off the wall, just a little bit different and undoubtedly world-class. A fact that was confirmed by a gentleman sitting with me who has travelled widely and stated that he had not seen anything as entertaining anywhere else.

One can only hope that some clever promoter will bring these gifted entertainers to Durban for a season. With their cult following they are sure to be a smash hit. – Keith Millar