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Tuesday, September 20, 2016


(Daniel Richards)

Daniel Richards gives an outstanding and multi-faceted performance. (Review by Caroline Smart)

As the audience filed in, the Falcon Tent was filled with a beat music track mix which includes familiar soundbytes from Parliamentary arguments and shouts of “We Want Our Money!”. Daniel Richards travels calmly around the darkened stage moving to the beat of the music until the show starts and he launches into what is an outstanding and multi-faceted performance.

Pay Back the Curry is Mike van Graan’s writing at his best as he takes us on a time travel machine moving from the past through the now and on to what is hopefully a more positive future. Director Rob van Vuuren has chosen an incredible talent to handle this one-man satirical show. Richards’ excellent control of accents (including the attendant wrong pronunciations) and comedy timing had me totally riveted.

The script is clever and sharp – van Graan pulls no punches. Nothing and no-one is safe. He focuses on politicians, sports presenters, singing auditionees and estate agents – and whether the person is male or female, straight or gay – Richards produces credible characters with ease and accuracy.

There is an utterly hilarious section featuring an air hostess and his panel discussion,  delivered at a very fast pace and featuring at least five characters (all with different accents and one of them a female), was mind-blowing.

It’s not all hilarity – there are some beautifully written and presented sequences – and some songs with clever revamped lyrics.

Richards has a highly impressive talent and the show is a must if it comes your way. It’s no wonder that it sold out all of its eight shows on the Fringe of the recent National Arts Festival. - Caroline Smart

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