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Saturday, September 24, 2016


(Mark Mulder & Annie Robinson)

Lovely reminder of delicious dialogue and memorable scenes from 70’s BBC sitcom. (Review by Caroline Smart)

The BBC television sitcom from the 1970’s, Fawlty Towers was voted the best British TV series of all time. Only two series of six episodes each were made but its popularity was considerable. It is set in a hotel in Torquay, a favourite seaside resort in England, and features John Cleese and Prunella Scales as the irascible owner Basil Fawlty and his bossy wife Sybil.

The script was written by Cleese and Connie Booth (who also appeared in the series) and is full of clever humour and off-the-wall characters.

Annie Robinson and Mark Mulder, long-term fans of the series, appear in a highly amusing and entertaining take on Fawlty Towers which is devised and directed by Paul Spence. Titled Tarty Flowers, it was seen at last week’s Hilton Art Festival and was a lovely reminder of delicious dialogue and memorable scenes.

They both provide accurate and hilarious portrayals of the much-loved characters and they are in full swing as the audience enters, with Mulder as an irritable Basil Fawlty making rude comments to those taking their time in finding their seats while Robinson as Sybil fusses around, making sure people are comfortable.

As the show progresses, Robinson takes on the roles of Manuel, the waiter from Barcelona (a splendid portrayal) and Connie. Mulder plays the doddery major and deaf Mrs Richards (another excellent rendering). There is much handling of props such as wigs, coats, Connie’s apron, Mrs Richards’ handbag and Manuel’s moustache. There was a brief few minutes of disruption when the lights failed but the pair continued to adlib perfectly until power was restored!

Tarty Flowers makes for perfect dinner theatre fare as the pair interact well with the audience as their guests in the dining room. – Caroline Smart

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