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Sunday, October 2, 2016


In October, M-Net celebrates 30 years of pioneering television with a fun-filled, around-the-clock pop-up channel called M-Net Movies BlockParty. While the channel will be packed with all kinds of comedy films spanning three decades of timeless magic, as well as some light-hearted series for the entire family, M-Net Movies BlockParty (channel 109), has also invited some of the world’s best stand-up comedians to be part of the festivities. 

Each night, just after 22h00 when the children are tucked into bed, M-Net Movies BlockParty will feature a hilarious stand-up performance - from classic sets recorded way back when to the latest, razor-sharp performances. 

In the first week, starting on October 1, the mic will be in the hands of acclaimed comics Greg Fitzimmons and Dennis Miller, Martin Lawrence from the Big Momma movies, the inimitable talk show host Ellen de Generes, Dave Chappelle (who’s been described as a mix of Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy), Full House star Bob Saget and South Africa’s own Trevor Noah. 

Then, in the weeks to come, viewers will be entertained by the quirks and wit of comedy giants such as Rosie O’Donnell, Steve Harvey, Ray Romano, Chris Rock, veteran George Lopez and the world of comedy’s latest sensation, Amy Schumer. 

For the full M-Net Movies Blockparty schedule and more about these stand-up comedy shows, go to

M-Net Movies BlockParty will be available on channel 109 on DStv Premium.