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Sunday, October 2, 2016


(Lwazi “King Zorro” Xaba)

Durban visual artist Lwazi “King Zorro” Xaba passed away in July, 2016. The following is a tribute from Neil Comfort, co-owner of the Rainbow Jazz Restaurant in Pinetown.

"Most ingeniously, he would find his way through any security or clause against non-professional photographers. His charm and King Zorro unruliness kept him secure and unbarred as most of us (arts enthusiasts) witnessed."

“I found these lines in the press release issued by the BAT Centre this morning, penned by Xolani Sithole, resonated quite loudly with me. When he took up photography, it did not take King Zorro very long to make sure that the doormen at The Rainbow knew him and that whenever he could make it to The Rainbow, he would be welcomed through the doors. Having secured his "photographers credentials" at the Rainbow, it of course did not take him and his confidence long to start trying to hit us up for sales of the photographs that he then started taking at the Rainbow. Most often the answer was that there was no budget but he would keep on pressing and sometimes I would buy a few prints from him even though by allowing him unfettered and free access, he ended up having a product to sell. At least all of those "negotiations" were discussed with a smile on the face of both participants. I will miss those negotiations and that King Zorro smile. I will forever not understand why he died though?” – Neil Comfort

In July 2011, King Zorro held a photographic exhibition at the Durban Art Gallery titled Inqola Noseyili. The 30 piece exhibition represented King Zorro’s latest work, and in using the “invisible” trolley boys, set a scale against which society could measure its own troubles.

For an interview written by Latoya Newman in 2013 for Tonight, visit