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Monday, November 21, 2016


The 14th annual Durban Theatre Awards were held this evening at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre. The ceremony honoured productions during the theatre year October 1, 2015, to September 30, 2016, featuring a total of 20 productions. The list of awardees is as follows:

1. Poster Design: Shirley Berko: Into the Woods

2. Sound Design: Ross van Wyk: Into the Woods

3. Lighting Design: Tina le Roux: Into the Woods

4. Costume Design: Neil Stuart Harris: Into the Woods

5. Set Design: Greg King: Into the Woods

6. New Performer – Female (No nominations)

7. New Performer – Male: Ngcebo Cele: Ulwembu


8. Supporting Actress: Caitlin Kilburn: Puss in Boots

9. Supporting Actor: Peter Court: Puss in Boots and Bryan Hiles: Winnie The Pooh

10. Lead Actress: Belinda Henwood: Winnie The Pooh

11. Lead Actor: Rory Booth: Puss in Boots

12. Director: Steven Stead: Puss in Boots

13. Production: Puss in Boots: KickstArt


14. Choreography: Leigh Meyer: Into The Woods

16. Supporting Actress: Musical Theatre: Katy Moore: Into the Woods

17. Supporting Actor: Musical Theatre: Graeme Wicks: Into the Woods

18. Lead Actress: Musical Theatre: Jessica Sole: Into the Woods

19. Lead Actor: Musical Theatre: Bryan Hiles: Into the Woods

20. Musical Director: Drew Reinstra: Into the Woods

21. Director: Steven Stead: Into the Woods

23. Musical Theatre Production: Into the Woods: KickstArt


24. Script: Collaboration: Neil Coppen, Dylan McGarry, Mpume Mtombeni, Ngcebo Cele,

Vumani Khumalo, Zenzo Msomi, Phumlani Ngubane, Sandile Nxumalo  for Ulwembu

25. Supporting Actress (No nominations)

26. Supporting Actor: Phumlani Ngubane: Ulwembu

27. Comedic Performance by a Female  (No nominations)

28. Comedic Performance by a Male: Aaron McIlroy: Comedy Masterclass

29. Strictly Solo: Aaron McIlroy: Comedy Masterclass

30. Lead Actress: Mpume Mthombeni: Ulwembu

31. Lead Actor: Aaron McIlroy: Comedy Masterclass

32. Director: Neil Coppen: Ulwembu

33. Production: Comedy Masterclass: MacBob Productions

34. Judges Award: Val Adamson