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Saturday, December 24, 2016


(Kaseran Pillay, Krijay Govender & Leeanda Reddy)
Many stand-out moments in what is, overall, a brilliant show. – (Review by Verne Rowin Munsamy)
Great comedy comes in threes and that is exactly what Glued offered at the Playhouse this week. The trio of Krijay Govender, Kaseran Pillay and Leeanda Reddy will keep you “glued” to your seats as they deploy great comedy through stand-up, skits, voice-overs and some astute character work.
Govender opens the show with spectacular ease as she struts on and commands our attention. I have always been a fan of her comedy and last night did not disappoint. Indian theatre is known to dabble in satire and these three have reminded us how important it is to laugh at and with ourselves, as is the nature of comedy.
These expats of Durban, famous for television and big screen roles, use all things television, such as: soapies, series, news reports and even blogs to ridicule, question and challenge all things Indian and political. The show uses contemporary satire to comment on everyday life, covering concerns about Guptha and Zuma politics, Trump, and even abuse of Rama containers. The show cleverly places each scenario in a television format or live media resource but delves into serious politics through witty one-liners and well-placed punch lines. There is created synergy amongst the three.
This trio seem comfortable and confident with one another as they display a barrage of local characters and situations. Some of my favourites included Terrific Eric, Kookla and the blogging aunties offering advice to aged computer users. Pillay is superb with comedic facial expressions while Reddy is remarkable at disguise and accents. The writing is clever as they deliver well-known idioms of Indian-ness in inventive ways.
There were many stand-out moments that kept the audience laughing all the way through. I did feel like the last scene, the birthday party, was overextended and that the energy subsided a little but, overall, a brilliant show. There are no hand-bricks on this show. Watch out for it if it comes your way. - Verne Rowin Munsamy