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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Since 2012, Play Club has aspired to inspire community among top theatre and film makers and their audiences, introducing the ultimate behind-the-scenes look into the creative process at the ground-floor of a play. For actors, it’s a chance, once-a-month, to dive into the world’s leading scripts and, as the name suggests, play. For drama students and audience, it’s a chance to see where it all begins and to be part of the process.

“Simply put, it is not a performance, as we would traditionally know it, but the beginnings. And it all happens exclusively for one night only. And it is all driven with a simple vision: to break down walls and create dialogue surrounding the industry,” say the organisers.

“The Audience marks Play Club’s 42nd reading, currently home in Johannesburg, Cape Town and its newest city, Durban, with over 1,000 actors, producers, drama students and their audience coming through our doors since our beginnings, truly South Africa’s most inspiring community.”

For sixty years, Queen Elizabeth II has met with each of her 12 Prime Ministers in a private weekly audience. The discussions are utterly secret, even to the royal and ministerial spouses. Peter Morgan imagines these meetings over the decades of the Queen’s remarkable reign, through Prime Ministers from Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher to the 2015 incumbent David Cameron. The Audience is a glimpse into the woman behind the crown, and the moments that have shaped the modern monarchy. The play was the inspiration for the award-winning series, The Crown.

The Durban cast of The Audience includes Clare Mortimer (Queen Elizabeth II), Darren King (Equerry), Adam Doré (John Major), Lisa Bobbert (Bobo MacDonald), Rowan Bartlett (Gordon Brown), Peter Court (Sir Anthony Eden) and Bryan Hiles (Tony Blair / David Cameron). It is set to feature Lyle Buxton (Detective) with stage directions by actor and playwright Marc Kay. Additional casting will be announced.

There will be one performance only on January 29 at 16h00. Strictly no walk-ups. Seating is strictly limited. RSVP to (the response will provide the venue).

(NB: The cast is subject to change due to availability)