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Friday, February 24, 2017


(Claude Monet)

Report by Patrick Compton

Impressionist master Claude Monet is the subject of an 87-minute documentary at Cinema Nouveau, Gateway, starting tomorrow (Saturday, February 25).

The movie, narrated by English actor Henry Goodman, will be shown four times: on Saturday and Sunday, and then on March 1, and the following day. The screening times are at 19h30 except for Sunday at 14h30.

Here is a brief appreciation of the film from Andrew Pulver of The Guardian:

“I, Claude Monet is another elegantly made and thoroughly informative art-history documentary from Phil Grabsky, the latest in the Exhibition on Screen series.

“Although Grabsky is a past master in the mini-genre of gallery films, this one doesn’t seem linked to a particular show or collection, but rather juxtaposes excerpts from Monet’s letters with the paintings he was working on at the time.

“What emerges is a portrait of an artist who withstood his fair share of privation and discouragement – the passages around the birth of his children and death of his first wife are particularly tough – but who displayed an unswerving commitment to his work.

“The movie humanises a figure who has become somewhat devalued by the haze of modern-day blockbuster art shows. A graceful film that suggests there’s passion beneath the beautiful surface.”