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Tuesday, February 14, 2017


(Birds Nest – mixed media by Izolda van der Merwe)

Currently running at artSPACE durban is an exhibition by Izolda van der Merwe titled I See in Colour.

van der Merwe is inspired by everyday objects, situations and people. Growing up in rural South Africa, she was mesmerised by the beauty of the ordinary and still is today. The things we take for granted, a view as you drive, a person walking down the street. There is a sincerity in her day-to-day life that is portrayed in her paintings, a whimsical movement which is captured through colour and pattern.

Working in mixed media her art has been pushing the limits of different application processes. This has opened up a world of possibilities in executing technique/creating art, pushing those boundaries in growing her style of art.

I See In Colour looks at van der Merwe’s world and the influence nature has on her life. Being an avid gardener and collector of aloes and succulents, the geometric patterns and symmetry of the plant structures has fascinated her. There is a sense of order in their construction, which resonates with finding order in everyday life.

Great influences in her work are Hung Liu (a Chinese-born American contemporary artist) and Michael Carson (American painter). Their use of pattern and movement has added to the freedom of expanding her technique and breathing life into the canvas. Being aware of a “traditional” landscape or portrait style of painting has allowed her to transform that visualisation/surrealism of her mind into a visible reality for the viewer to partake in.

I See in Colour runs until March 2 at artSPACE durban which is situated at 3 Millar Road (off Umgeni Road) close to the Waste Centre. More information on 031 312 0793 or visit or