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Wednesday, March 8, 2017


DUT’s inspirational new workshop piece presents a light-hearted romp through technology, conjuring divided worlds that collide …

Frustrated by technology? Feel as if someone pushed the fast-forward button on the pace of life remote? Amused by the dysfunctionality of the technologically challenged? A social media addict? Got the #i-wanna-be-famous-syndrome? Got the #i’m-fed-up-with-having-nothing-blues? This one’s for you!

Durban University of Technology’s Department of Drama and Production Studies is set to stage ‘i’, a ground-breaking new work conceptually exploring the prefix -i- and how attaching this letter to any word contemporizes the object, positioning it in a youthful world of frivolity, glamour, and self-affirmation amid global wealth and extreme disenfranchisement. The production is multi-layered, weaving a complex network of i-associations, i-understandings, and i-dynamics that encompass the world we live in.

The play asks: “who am I and do I count?” The workshop interrogates the impact of technology on our lives and how this shift in focus catapults lives into fast-forward momentary chaos. The work derives from a collage of intricate poetry, dance, songs, and images creatively engaging our audio-visual and cognitive senses. The play explores media and media platforms, the divisions created by employment, economics, and education. The ironies of what enamours and dissatisfies our youth. It is a play by the youth about the youth. 

Each directing a chapter, Rowin Munsamy, Lee-Ann Naicker, Donna Steel and Prof Debbie Lutge, intertwine a textured matrix promising shifting ambiences unfolded in a four section third year collaboration.  This exciting new play is to be presented at the Courtyard Theatre on Steve Biko Road in the old Mansfield School Building from March 14 to 18 nightly at 19h00.

To book, call 031 373 2194 or 031-373 2532 or email Tickets are also available at the door