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Wednesday, April 5, 2017


(Pascale Chandler, "Super Hero", oil on canvas)

Together Apart is a group show presented by artSPACE Durban to run from April 7 to 26.

The group talk about their exhibition: “When we are talking about living ‘together apart’ we are describing the lifestyle of two partners/siblings/relatives who do not necessarily live under one roof. Maybe what we are describing can be called a sort of tribe (n: a large group of related families who live in the same area and share a common language, religion, and customs).  

Together Apart is about two connected people with the same intense interest in art and creativity, but whose works might be different and, therefore, ‘cannot be put under one roof’, except during this exhibition!.”

Participating artists:
Chris de Beer & Marlene de Beer
Heather Pattenden & Mhairi Pattenden
Mandy Crooks & Nick Crooks
Karla Nixon & Dane Stops
Pascale Chandler & Claude Chandler
Grace Kotze & Melody French
Ian Calder & Georgina Calder

Pascale Chandler describes the portrait of her son Claude (pictured) as carrying “a nostalgic notion of the passage of time. The idea of the duality between celebration and loss. The memory of innocence and vulnerability versus the challenge of growth and independence. This is a celebratory tribute to Claude Chandler.”

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