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Thursday, May 4, 2017


Spier Films will hold open auditions for a feature film shooting in June and July 2017.05.04

Auditions will be held tomorrow (May 5) in Durban. To book a time email

This is an independent South African art film intended for international film festivals and markets, produced by Spier Films. The film will be shot in the Afrikaans language, but Pieter can be English speaking and does not need an Afrikaans accent.

JOHAN (14 – 16): a sweet, obedient, religious, sheltered Free State Afrikaans farm boy with a generous heart and an unresolved sexuality that he is just starting to take notice of. Usually the quiet boy in the corner, physically insignificant, insecure, he finds it difficult to assert himself. Underneath he is nervous and emotional- 'still waters run deep'. The story tracks his emotional and spiritual breakdown, so there needs to be a hysterical intensity and confusion to his range of emotion. Repressed. Captivating.

PIETER (14 – 16): a streetwise, trashy, uneducated hustler, born Afrikaans but has lost his culture in the city and speaks in an English- Afrikaans- Zulu street-slang. His hard, manipulative demeanour and irreverent charisma belie an angry vulnerability and hurt, as seen by his 'night- terrors' and fear of sleeping alone. He has a hidden generosity of spirit, which is rarely seen. Despite his youth, he has a sexual confidence with girls bordering on addiction. Self-destructive.

 HENNIE (16- 17): a good looking, athletic Free State schoolboy. He leads the local bible group for youths and tries hard to be generous to those who follow him, even the weird kids. He is more compassionate and intelligent than the usual Free State rugby captain but can be aggressive or even brutal when pushed to his breaking-point.

The film charts the upheaval and unravelling of an Afrikaans farm boy’s state of mind when his religious parents decide to bring home and foster a mysterious, streetwise orphan from the city at their remote cattle farm.

Interested actors should send a clear, simple headshot (photo) and a full body photo in an email and include their local area, which school they attend and any previous acting experience.