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Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Report by Patrick Compton

Last year’s largest ever Hieronymus Bosch retrospective at his home town in Holland has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest exhibitions of this century. Now, starting this weekend, Durban movie audiences have the perfect opportunity to see the exhibition displaying the principal works of this great painter (1450-1516) via the camera of acclaimed art documentary maker Phil Grabsky.

The exhibition, Hieronymus Bosch – Visions of Genius, which took place last year in Den Bosch in the southern Netherlands, is perfect for the Exhibition on Screen treatment and Grabsky duly obliges in this 100-minute film.

The curators managed to borrow 36 of Bosch’s 44 surviving masterpieces – both paintings and drawings. Grabsky’s camera lingers on Bosch’s intricate depictions of animals, monsters and religious scenes, including some breathtaking close-ups, while talking heads such as film director Peter Greenaway put them in context and explain how the exhibition came to be.

The movie, entitled The Curious World of Hieronymus Bosch, will be screened this weekend at Gateway Nouveau on May 6 (Saturday) at 19h30 and on May 7 (Sunday) at 14h30. The film will be re-screened on Wednesday and Thursday next week (May 10 and 11) at 19h30.