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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Review by Live Wire, Dawn Haynes

This was the third evening of song (June 19) presented by Rhumbelow to be held at the Berea Bowling Club and although there was a small audience, they were highly appreciative of the wonderful evening of music performed by Mark Hunt/ Auburn Sound.

This is “easy-to-listen-to” music with many original arrangements and interesting interpretations. Mark is a musician who is very comfortable with his work. Unpretentious and relaxed, one gets the strong feeling that Mark is sharing his love of music, not performing for an audience. This was reinforced by the short but interesting preamble for every song - little titbits of information - that gave us perspective and background which just made the song that much more meaningful. And the subtle, humorous quips thrown in as tasty treats were just great! Lady in Red was particularly well received and his follow up of Lady in Bed got a hearty round of applause!

What a pleasure to listen to a singer whose words are clear and understandable! We could hear every word! Mark has an amazing vocal range and is comfortable with melodies ranging from soprano to bass – what a talent!  His original composition of Patti Wore a Diamond was a treat – we need more originals of this calibre.

The ambiance of the venue may be lacking, but the music created a comfortable, pleasant mood which was enjoyed by all.

The Club offers bowling from 16h00 to 18h00 on a Monday and they will provide all you need – just wear flat shoes and join in. There is a well-priced bar and a simple meal available.

Thanks, Roland, for providing yet another Rhumbelow venue and for featuring  artists like Auburn Sound/ Mark Hunt .- Dawn Haynes, Livewire