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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


The Last King of Kakfontein is directed and choreographed by Boyzie Cekwana with a dynamic team that includes Madala Kunene (guitar), Mandisa Nzama and Lungile Cekwana with Hlengiwe Lushaba and Sello Pesa on Dramaturgy.

A few thousand kilometres south of the Tropic of Capricorn, deep in the long, dark shadows cast by the blinding flare of a newly crowned orange hair-ball blowing blood in the wind, a decrepit king wearing a shower-head for a crown laments the ruined remains of his once glorious fiefdom. Imbued with cities of gold and mountains of diamonds, his kingdom, once the envy of some, has now been reduced to nothing more than a kleptocratic kakistocracy. The fingerprint of his gluttonous rule has left only ghosts and skeletons itching to spill out of the turbulent closets straining hard to keep a lid on. Yet the rot and stench of the feast of lies can no longer live up to their pact to stay mute.

As the staggering dearth of ideas swirls up to the murky surface, where left becomes right and right becomes dangerous, innocence wears a deathly frock. The age-old popularity contest has won the argument. Like two junkies with a loaded gun, the fictions of legitimacy and truth collide like drunken dust devils in a brutal dance for the brightest spotlight. Shadows of paper monsters, vocal incantations of obsolete songs, stolen poems of Mqhayi and dancing bodies on rubber tyres leave traces on grey walls.

The Last King of Kakfontein lasts 60 minutes and will be presented at the Diakonia Centre in the Dennis Hurley Hall on June 30 and July 1 at 19h00. Tickets R80 at the door.