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Tuesday, June 6, 2017


(Grant Swanby)

Cape Town production company, Man Makes a Picture (MMaP), has just released the trailer of their inaugural feature film, The Recce, due for release on September 8, 2017. This film not only explores a part of the South African collective consciousness, but subverts the traditional conventions of storytelling.

After the SADF wrongfully declares young recce Henk Viljoen dead behind enemy lines, it’s up to him alone to use every skill and tool in his arsenal to make it back to his grieving wife. With the enemy hot on his trail and a lethal gunshot wound in his gut, Henk’s chances for survival are looking slim as he navigates the treacherous war torn African landscape.

The cast includes former Durban actor Grant Swanby (Beyond the River, Modder en Bloed)

Writer and director, Ferdinand van Zyl, set out to tell a metaphorical film about the bush war with universal themes. He explains: “The Recce was written out of admiration for the unit, and all the veterans of the border war. It is a metaphorical film, or rather, an ode to soldiers universally. It was inspired by the notion of being torn between two worlds. Men were required to perform atrocities in the name of war, but on the weekend, or when on leave, they were gentle fathers and considerate lovers.

The Recce is being submitted to various local and international film festivals. Van Zyl comments, “We are beginning to explore cinema as an artistic medium, rather than a business and so attempting to reach across the pond so to speak, spreading our voices globally”. 

The cast features Greg Kriek (’n Man soos my Pa), Marius Weyers (Twee Grade van Moord, Dis Ek, Anna), Christia Visser (Alison, Tess), ElsabĂ© Daneel, Albert Maritz (’n Man Soos My Pa, Jagveld), Grant Swanby (Beyond the River, Modder en Bloed) Maurice Carpede (Feast Of The Uninvited, Chappie) and Sonni Chidiebere (Blood Diamond, Lord of War, District 9), to name a few.