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Friday, July 14, 2017


(Richard Nixon will be represented in “Ultimate Guide to the Presidents”)

Highlights from the History Channels on DStv 186 include:

Ultimate Guide to The Presidents: Sundays from July 16 at 19h20 CAT
In this eight-part series, HISTORY® offers viewers a fresh perspective on the evolution of presidential power and the men who have served their country, from George Washington to Barack Obama. In 1787, a unique system of government was created - a democracy with powers separated among three branches: legislative, judicial and executive. While the balance among them shifts from time to time, the evolution of change is most embodied in the executive office. One man at a time shapes the presidency, as the presidency shapes him.

The Crime & Investigation Channel on DStv 170 offers:

Stalker Season Every Wednesday in July at 20h00 CAT
July’s Stalker Season movies take obsession to new heights. From a politician’s wife whose brief affair with a troubled young artist comes back to haunt her, to the terrifying stalker who takes up residence underneath the bed of his female target, where he watches her every move, and a swimming coach who crosses the line with his athlete, the movies will have viewers at the edge of their seat.
Every Wednesday during the month of July:
Under The Bed – July 12
Killer Coach – July 19
Killer Photo – July 26

Intervention: Codependent: Tuesdays from July 11 at 20h50 CAT
Intervention: Codependent focuses on couples whose worst addiction is to each other. That addiction is made even more dangerous and hard to resolve by their mutual drug addictions. They are at once each other’s greatest love and most powerful trigger. Each episode will document the couple in the throes of their co-dependence and addiction, also hearing from their loved ones about the impact of them reaching rock bottom. Family members work together with Dr Kristina Wandzilak to confront the couple with rehab, the only way to break their co-dependence. In this moment, the couple has to agree to be separated for 30 days to work through their issues individually.

24 To Life: Thursdays from 18 July at 20h00 CAT
24 To Life follows soon-to-be prisoners on their final day before being incarcerated. Facing a long-term sentence, it’s their chance to right their wrongs, embrace their final hours of freedom, and say their goodbyes. In this series, we will follow two subjects per hour as they are about to embark on their prolonged sentence.