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Thursday, July 6, 2017


One very impressive creative team and the result is just as impressive. (Review by Caroline Smart)

State Fracture is directed by Rob van Vuuren, written by Mike van Graan and features Daniel Richards. That’s one very impressive creative team and the result is just as impressive.

Van Graan’s writing is as hilariously biting and edgy as always, and fires his bullets at everything from the Guptas and Helen Ziller to Hlaudi Motsoeneng.

Van Vuuren’s tight and focused direction allows the humour its space.

Richards puts in the same extraordinary performance I saw from him in Pay Back the Curry which was created by the same team. Richards is an exceptional talent. He is highly versatile and his command of accents and moods is impressive. He starts the show off as a bartender mixing cocktails and drinks with names such Hansie Pilsner, Mabusa Ale and Ziller Gin and Tonic. He takes on the form of Trumplestinskin (Donald Trump) in a very funny sketch as well as one dealing with a black girl adopted by white parents, and a manic presentation as Hlaudi Motsoeneng claiming that he has achieved more than Jesus – including “making the news disappear”! Also a Cape Coloured activist as a very funny chicken complete with strutting, clucking and squawks. There’s also a hilarious Cape Flats version of Romeo and Juliet.

Richards punctuates the production with songs such as “Hello, Lewd sir, Hello Losers” to the tune of Hallelujah, and Waterkloof (to tune of Waterloo).

Presented by ExploSIV Productions, State Fracture has two more performances in the Masonic Back on July 7 at 12h00 and on July 8 at 18h00. Don’t miss it if it comes to a theatre near you! – Caroline Smart