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Sunday, August 20, 2017


Charming tale also serves as a great conversation starter to enlighten children about the plight of our endangered rhinos. (Review by Stephanie Millar)

Nothing makes my five-year-old happier than the prospect of a bedtime story. Our routine before I tuck him in: he picks a book, enthusiastically launches himself into bed and sitting bolt upright, waits excitedly for the story to start.

Before I started reading Chizi’s Tale, I told him that this story really happened in real life, with a real rhino and a real family. His eyes widened and he sat a little more upright.

Chizi’s Tale is a heartwarming one. It’s about an abandoned baby black rhino – only a few days old - who is found by two park rangers. The brand new rhino orphan is taken home by the park manager, Colin Wenham, and reared by his family in their home. The comical and endearing anecdotes of Chizi’s time with the Wenham family are almost relatable. With each page, the story makes you feel a part of Chizi’s adventures as the new sibling.

My first impression of the book is how beautifully illustrated it is. The pictures and scenery created by Jacqui Taylor don’t just bring the words to life – they give you a real sense of Africa. And instead of sprinting from one page to the next, my son and I slowly admired every inch of her illustrations as we went.

And the story itself … Chizi’s Tale is written by Jack Jones, an incredible feat for a high school senior from Connecticut, USA. This young man is playing his part in rescuing our rhinos and it truly is a wonderful thing. Unlike most children’s stories, the story continues long after the last page. The funds raised by the book go to Tusk’s ongoing fight against rhino poaching, ultimately protecting rhinos like Chizi. The story also serves as a great conversation starter to enlighten children about the plight of our endangered rhinos.

For more about this charming tale, visit The site features video footage of baby Chizi, the family, and offers a glimpse into the book - all voiced by the author, Jack Jones. The site also features reviews of Chizi’s Tale by celebs, CEOs, bloggers and authors, all who adore the tale and Jack’s initiative.

My son’s profound review: “This baby rhino has a broken nose, Mummy,” to which I replied, “Because he’s a baby rhino. His horn will grow when he’s bigger.”

Chizi’s Tale is published by Struik Children. The ISBN number is 9781432307394. Price R80. – Stephanie Millar