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Wednesday, September 20, 2017


(Themi Venturas)

Curtain Up: There will be a gathering to celebrate the life of well-known theatre all-rounder Themi Venturas who died last week, to take place in the Playhouse Opera on Tuesday (September 26) at 18h00.

The celebration will be in the form of a montage of performances, memories and tributes celebrating his life, featuring many of his colleagues and friends.

The term “Curtain Up” has a myriad theatre references based on the moment when the front curtain is raised and the show begins. In this instance, the organisers are referencing the first show Venturas staged for the Young Performers Project in 2001. They want to remember the past, and acknowledge that it is not the end of an era, but that his influence will continue well into the future through his work and legacy, and through all the lives he has touched.

Colleagues, supporters, family and friends are invited to join us as we remember the life and work of a remarkable person.

Please bring a plate of eats to share with friends as we fellowship after the celebration in the Playhouse foyer. The Playhouse bar will be open.

Please also bring a stone or pebble. The idea of communally creating a stone structure or cairn resonates across cultures, beliefs, faiths and folklore. The organisers invite all guests and participants to bring along a single stone or pebble which will be fashioned into a stone memorial to honour Themi at a place of personal significance to him. Guests are welcome to write a message or tribute onto the stone should they wish.

Family and friends want to give gracious and sincere thanks to the Playhouse CEO and staff for hosting the memorial event, and to thank all participants who gave up their time to remember Themi.

Entry is free and all welcome.

In lieu of flowers, there will be a donation box to support the work of the Highway Hospice or EFT your donation to:

Name: The Highway Hospice
Nedbank; 2382005432
Account: Savings
Reference: T Venturas

Please send proof of payment to