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Saturday, October 21, 2017


Out of Context comprises four site specific works devised and performed by 2nd and 3rd year students from UKZN Pietermaritzburg’s Drama and Performance Studies department.

Incorporating various styles of performance ranging from Absurdism to Physical Theatre, the cast explore universal themes with a twist, in a series of original vignettes.

What would happen if Sarah Baartman returned in 2017? How do we translate grief from a language we don’t understand? When life leaves us feeling like we’ve missed the proverbial boat, performing roles removed from how we feel – how do we find comfort or rescue?  And finally, land, a heavily contested and emotionally pertinent issue– how do we stake our claim? Why does it matter?

Directed by Louise Anne Buchler, Out of Context runs from October 23 to 25 in sites located in and around the Hexagon Theatre on the Pietermaritzburg UKZN campus. Admission is free with limited seating in one of the venues. The show starts at 18h30.