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Saturday, December 23, 2017


(Nthuthuko. Photograph by Osmosisliza)

Niamh Walsh-Vorster is one of six photographers who form part of the Fotobooth Durban initiative currently seen at the KZNSA.

“We have done a few pop-ups in the various KZN areas and our next is to happen at The Green Camp Gallery Project for the Conversations with Lovers event,” says Walsh-Vorster.

Fotobooth is a pop up portraiture project by Durban based photographers, Busani Gcabashe, Njabulo “Blackcloud” Magubane, Simanga “Konstant’ Zondo, Lungelo Makhanya, Niamh Walsh-Vorster and osmosisliza, launched at KZNSA's annual Buzzart event. 

This project came into the making through constant discussions in their collective chats on the subject of “portraiture” as an archive and description of society.  With this project the fotobooth photographers push the idea of individualistic representations of people of Durban, offering windows that describe people and cultures: mutual customs, habits, similarities and differences, at a given place and time.

Fotobooth’s vision is to activate a community of practice to push their own boundaries on portraiture.  Fotobooth envisions locating their pop-up studio at various creative events around Durban, inviting and including other photographers to participate in the project to build up a body of work and images that document the faces of Durban city.

At Fotobooth the photographers offer electronic portraits (in an attempt to support KZNSA's 'Sea Change' initiative - paperless and pro-eco).

These portraits will carry the Fotobooth stamp and a signature of the individual photographers’ styles.  This is the perfect opportunity for family Christmas memory, a new Facebook profile pic or just to be part of documentation of a cities people.

For more information contact Niamh Walsh-Vorster on: 083 716 3827 or visit