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Wednesday, December 27, 2017


The 2018 Festival is just over six short months away....and, while living in the present is always a good thing, there's nothing wrong with some long term planning and dreaming.

The latest information from the NAF continues:

“So we've introduced National Arts Festival gift vouchers - in R200, R500 and R1000 denominations - redeemable for tickets to any show at the 2018 Festival. These will (a) help you plan ahead; (b) give you something amazing to look forward to in 2018; (c) help you tell someone that you really, really love them; and (d) give you the chance to buy yourself something just, well, just because.

So many benefits from one single purchase!

All you have to do is come to - fill in the form and we'll email you, within 24 hours, a beautiful voucher you can print out, ready to give someone when the occasion demands!

The 2018 Festival is going to be another feast of, dance, music, film, comedy PLUS one or two really big, special things we have up our artistic sleeve that we'll tell you about in the new year. Make sure you have the best seats in the house, and lock in your plans to join us in June. We'll see you then!”

In 2018,  the NAF will launch the all-new Standard Bank Village Green in its new home - more buzz, more stalls and plenty of opportunities to pick up some great mementos of your trip.

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