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Thursday, January 18, 2018


“Mind you, we have had the key to the door for quite a while with three Arts and Culture Trust arts media awards under our belt and nominations for the Business Day / BASA Awards,” explains TJ de Klerk, founder of Artslink.

In 1997, the very early days of the Internet, TJ de Klerk founded with the aim of making it “the arts world in one website”. Too ambitious, hindsight shows.

“Today, does what it does best – we link artists and audiences in all genres, all over the country – well, as far as we can. We’re not funded, but after 21 years we’re still here, and our costs are a fraction of similar business models,” he says.

“ was one of the first V-ISPs (Virtual Internet Service Providers) of Internet Solutions, and we and our Internet clients are still with that platform. How stable can you get? If you have one of the original addresses, pop a bottle of bubbly with us,” he adds. Media - Wire Service offers accredited members of the media, via e-mail, a free daily newsfeed tailored to their interests and area (art, dance, literature, music, theatre, province, etc.) and articles by various professional journalists. Access is also granted to all news on the site, the diary, an annual directory of recurring national arts festivals and events and to original articles by contributors, such as ArtSpoken. Arrange to reproduce these copyright articles at competitive rates by contacting

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