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Friday, January 12, 2018


Works by Carl Roberts (sculpture); Guido van Besouw (glass) & Holley Wood (pens)

There is the most beautiful area from Glenashley through to Durban and up to Hilton. From golden sandy beaches to wonderful gorges with waterfalls and lines of mountains as far as the eye can see. It is more varied and dramatic than the Midlands, with the exception of the Drakensberg. There are outstanding artists working here, some of whom are only known to the up country or overseas market.

This is the comment from artists in the area who state:
“Yet …. people drive past us to stay in the upper Midlands. So, it is time to redress that. This is the start of showcasing and promoting this amazing area under a series of art, craft, collectible, food and activity trails called The Saunter. The Saunter is a town and country feast of things to do, studios to visit of those who are exceptionally gifted and hand- picked food places.”

The art and craft trails include amazing painters, sculptors, textile designers, potters, wood craftsmen, iron workers and glass artists. The variety is wide so that many tastes can be appeased but overall it is about uncovering these gems and allowing people to visit their studios to see what they do and how they do it.

“All the way through are yummy food places to stop and re- fuel,” say the organisers. “The activity trails take you to beautiful places to walk, bird watch, ride, run, boat or have a scenic picnic. We include a handful of good places to stay so visitors can stay over and imbibe our unique chill … that is, become totally laid back.  There is something for everyone and all tastes as there are over 150 participants and about half of these are artists and crafters.

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