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Saturday, March 24, 2018


Recently launched at Ike’s Bookshop in Durban is The First Law of Sadness, ex-Durbanite Nick Mulgrew's new collection of short stories.

Connected by more than their exquisite prose, multi award-winning Mulgrew’s new stories delve into a world of killer eagles, tattoo removal parlours, hardcore punk guitarists-cum-auditors, turtle sanctuaries, plane crashes, amateur pornographers and biltong-makers – a world concurrently too strange and too familiar for comfort.

A collection of startling imagination and sympathy – set primarily in South Africa’s least fashionable cities and suburbs – these stories maintain a precarious balance between rich comedy and despair throughout their explorations of grief, spectacle, sex, nostalgia, and the lives of animals, both human and not.

With audaciousness met by trademark spiritual undercurrents and poetic flourish, The First Law of Sadness is confirmation of Mulgrew’s status as one of South Africa’s best contemporary exponents of short fiction.

The book is produced by David Philip Publishers and available at Adams Books in Durban.