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Thursday, March 22, 2018


(Jemma van Breda)

Recently launched at the Coast of Dreams this last weekend, was an exciting development for the creative arts in the City of Durban.

Titled UNITY, this is a new creative hub for the upliftment and exposure of local performing artists founded by 19 year old local dancer, choreographer and communications student, Jemma van Breda.

“UNITY is an organisation unlike any other. It is not a studio or an academy - nor is it a company. Instead, it is a unique hub of locations where artists from across the globe can meet to share and develop their talents and ideas. On a global platform, through the use of skills transfer and video, UNITY uses the power of performance and youth development to share the art created in our space. In addition to this, UNITY puts the power of development into the hands of the artists themselves as it acts as the platform and location for all free forms, whilst employing developing artists,” explains van Breda.

UNITY strives to become a one-of-a-kind platform for the art forms of dance, music, acting, film, fitness, yoga, performing arts and all things creative operating nationally and internationally.

Through cultural upliftment and the re-energizing of the arts industry in South Africa, UNITY aims to provide artists, both young and old, with a reason to stay in South Africa.

“Furthermore, all active members of UNITY automatically qualify for the chance to win bursaries and scholarships to prestigious global institutions as part of our developmental, talent exchange platform. We aim to cover all disciplines and aspects of development whilst creating a platform for exposure and employment/exchange,” van Breda adds.

Essentially, UNITY’s vision is based upon three distinct pillars:

-Creating employment and development for all artists through workshops, classes and project-x video creations.

-Providing the basis for talent exchange and bursaries that allow our artists to grow and succeed far beyond the limitations of one style/genre.

-Creating a network platform that establishes a direct connection between all artists in the South African Arts and Culture industry

International choreographers Betty Rox and Amy Morgan (USA), whose credits include Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé, gave two 90-minute dance workshops following the media launch.

UNITY will create an international hub akin to an internet showcase which will be aimed at film companies, festivals – anyone looking for actors, singers, dancers, fashion designers and film cameramen/women.

For further information contact Jemma van Breda on 079 526 4589 or visit