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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


(“Greater Spirits 1” by Renee Leslie)

The Elizabeth Gordon Gallery has just received two new works by Renee Leslie.

“Renee Leslie is certainly showing her ability these days as an artist and is becoming more and more versatile in her variety of medium. These two new paintings, titled “Greater Spirits 1 and 2” are narratives of people, greater spirits than are portrayed by their appearances. The mysticism is African, who we are and who we could be,” says curator Joy Reynolds.

Leslie describes the paintings thus:

Greater Spirits 1 speaks of traditions and customs, the initiate who here represents any and every initiate into their societies. The Sharman represents our beliefs, the animals the mysticism, and the dressed man, modernity and his self removal from these traditions.”

Greater Spirits 2 tells of the women who carry their burdens so gracefully, here grace is depicted by eland. The reference comes from two woman seen trudging home in the afternoon after a hard day’s work.

The dog or ‘hounds’ in each painting is a metaphor for the things that hound people and particularly those in these works.”

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