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Friday, June 8, 2018


The Tamil thriller, Kaala, is currently being screened in Durban. Directed by Pa.Ranjith, the production is in Tamil as well as Telugu and Hindi.

Kaala begins with an animated story-telling device similar to B√£hubali, wherein the importance of land and the suppression of the downtrodden by the power-hungry is shown. The film quickly shifts to the present day, in live-action multi-colour (with black being the prominent hue). We are shown evil politicians and land mafia hatching plans to destroy the slums of Dharavi to make it Digital Dharavi and Pure Mumbai (an obvious reference to some of the actual government schemes).

Viewers get a casual, but sweet introduction of the Superstar, as Kaala (short for Karikaalan). However, the pace picks up when it is established that he is the King of Dharavi and no-one messes with him. The love track between Zareena (played by Huma Qureshi) and Kaala initially seems to go the Kabali-Kumudavalli way, but Ranjith is quick to realise his folly and sets up a beautiful dinner scene featuring the ex-lovers, where Kaala clarifies his priorities.

The pre-interval block has a typical masala stunt sequence that is staged on a Mumbai flyover (with some VFX coming to the aid).

The movie stars Rajinikanth, Naana Patekar, Easwari Rao and Huma Quereshi. For more information visit

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