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Monday, June 25, 2018


(Example of the works to be exhibited. 
Image by Gambiologia Collective: Fred Paulino, Ganso & Lucas Mafra)

Life Hacking is an ISEA2018 Gallery Takeover taking place from June 21 to 30, 2018, in the KZNSA’s Main and Mezzanine Galleries, Media Room

Makers, recyclers, hackers, inventors, survivalists manipulate not only materials and media, but systems. Responding to the status-quo of a time and place, these actors rethink and recycle discarded and unwanted items, structures and ideas to take ownership, create new perspectives or survive the every day. This is a platform for local and impactful alternatives that are re-structuring approaches and knowledge systems for the benefit of many.

For the time of ISEA2018/ DIGIFEST05 / IF DURBAN the KZNSA Gallery and parts of Bulwer Park will be occupied with activities and experiments that investigate ideas of Life Hacking and its cross-disciplinary nature.

Socially engaged practices and research, art - science collaboration and technological experimentation transform the gallery space from a workshop environment to showcasing projects that contribute on the journey towards change.

The KZNSA Gallery is situated at 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, in Durban. More information on 031 277 1705, fax 031 201 8051 or cell 082 220 0368 or visit