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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


(Dr Satchu Annamalai)

The Musical Blacks – Ubuntu Stories is a Mandela Centenary presentation, written and directed by former lecturer and theatre practitioner Dr Satchu Annamalai. Produced by Raasi Productions, it is a series of spiritual or Ubuntu stories presented in the format of a musical or as Annamalai describes it, ‘a meta-musical’ -  one that draws attention to itself.

The lively banter and exhilarating music renditions, whilst of great entertainment value, asks telling questions of how humans live and conduct themselves.

Evoking memories of iconic leaders such as Mandela, Buddha, Chris Hani, Gandhi, Sai Baba and others, the presentation places a question mark on the quality of life people are getting accustomed to. Importantly, it does not dwell on the negatives but rather succinctly encourages a change in direction – one that embraces spirituality. Themes of love, money, happiness, greed, violence, corruption, etc. are placed under the microscope in varying degrees.

Ubuntu Stories is not set in any particular location or deals with a particular group of people; it broadly refers to the weaknesses in the human race. The music selection is strongly African and comprises both cover versions and original pieces composed by Dr Annamalai.

The show is performed by Raasi Guyz, a group of performers made up of Annamalai and his three children - Kashvin Annamalai (15), Dayita Annamalai (12) and Rashawn Annamalai (10).

Raasi Productions was launched in July last year as part of a ‘Families Acting Together’ project initiated by Annamalai. The Company has since aligned itself with various community organisations and is making an impact in school events, community celebrations, fund-raising activity and poverty alleviation projects. 

The Musical Blacks – Ubuntu Stories is scheduled to play at the National Arts Festival from June 28 to July 1, 2018. It will play nightly at the Grahamstown City Hall and promises to be a real treat for festival-goers this year. Details of this and other productions may be obtained from the Festival website,

Individuals or organisations wanting to use the 60-minute production for their Mandela Centenary celebrations should phone Dr Annamalai on 083 289 0548 or email him on