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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


(Franco Frescura)

Attention all Art Deco Fans!

Hosted by the Durban Art Deco Society, Franco Frescura is leading a walkabout of Howard College at 0900 on July 26, 2018.

This is a wonderful opportunity to view the Memorial Tower Building and Howard College at UKZN with commentary from an architect who has loads of experience:

“We shall be meeting on the steps of Howard College building and starting promptly as Felicity Eggleston, on whose behalf I am conducting the tour, must be at an Old Girl's Reunion at 12h00. So 08h30 is a good time to shoot for. Come in from the No 1 gate, tell the man you are visiting the Office of Teaching & Learning, and park outside the building. Students are away so there should be lots of space,” explains Frescura.

“All are welcome, and we can all meet for coffee afterwards. All very social. Anyone who might have newspaper cuttings, pictures or memorabilia of dem goooood ol' days is welcome to bring and share. No charge,” he adds.

NB: Patrons are requested to meet at 08h30.

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