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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Babazile is a new one-woman Zulu comedy written by Aphiwe Namba produced and directed by Naledi award winning Durban based actor Menzi Mkhwane. An edgy, off the wall, raw; adult comedy which Namba constructed out of an idea Mkhwane proposed to him about putting out more comedy in Durban.

"There is a lack of plays written in Zulu that are comedies ... we can close that gap," Mkhwane explains. "It is so important at this time to fight to keep theatre going especially in a time when so many spaces are shutting down.

“People want to laugh and get relief and we still want to create theatre and explore our craft ... why not give people the thing they want whilst still being able to create the experience of theatre which we cherish so much?"

So Babazile! which is a short piece features Penny Ngayo who is a rising star in the making in the Durban scene and still studying at DUT doing her second year. She performs the entire piece on her own. She plays a street vendor called Babazile! who tells some of the most dirtiest jokes that come out of life in the township and rural area.

“Namba has a gift of listening and every section of the piece leads to a juicy joke that reveals not only humour but how common we all are. How silly and embarrassing we are to ourselves. Jokes range from BEN10s to blessers, to dodgy pastors, and funny men with small pizzles. Nothing is off topic,” adds Mkhwane.

“At 16L, the show is not suitable for the whole family. But for those old enough to end the crazy fun the show provides so much relief to the constant negativity we are faced with in the news and social networks.”

Babazile is currently running at The Bat Centre at 19h00 on Friday, September 28 when tickets are R50 pp and on Saturday, September 29, 2018, when tickets are R100 pp. Bookings and more information from Menzi Mkhwane on 079 554 4941.