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Saturday, September 1, 2018


(Dumisane Kweyama)

On September 7, 2018, Elppag will be showcasing and introducing its new range to new and prospective clients which is set to leave tongues wagging. Elppag Jean and Leather Tonic session, is about the celebration of a truly authentic African brand with a global outlook. The brand has created a cult-like following for its raw and edgy approach to denim and leather design.

While Japanese denim is prized around the world as the best quality available, whether it’s raw and rigid or heavily distressed and ultra-stretchy. Depending on who you ask, the ELPPAG brand by Dumisane Kweyama is the most known and unknown brand in the country. The brand has carved a name for itself and has become popular among denim aficionados and those looking for bespoke items of clothing. With customers from Japan to Germany, ELPPAG has created a cult-like following for its raw and edgy approach to denim and leather design in the fashion industry. The brand showcased at the Durban Fashion Fair in 2015 and took part in Munich Business Creative Week earlier this year in Germany with the Goethe Institut. 

"I am self-taught, however I spent most of my childhood next to my grandfather helping him do his work. He was a leather craftsmen and at that time, I complained that he was making me work when I needed to go and play with friends, not being aware that he was passing on his skill to me. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2003 before I could finish leather projects by myself. Nine years after my grandfather passed away, the creative spirit inside me needed my attention. Almost every night I dreamt of making great work, so I started practicing leather work again in 2012. In 2013, I moved to Durban to live with my dad in Newlands West, because of its relaxed nature. It was here in Durban I became a full time fashion artist," said Kweyama.

Asked about his inspiration Kweyama said: I saw a gap in the market, so many people wear denim every day, but no designer in South Africa designs custom-made denim that fits different shapes and sizes. We specialize in crafting unconventional denim and leather products that prove to be timeless and classic. The versatility of the brand caters for every season, we try to offer a range of out of the box clothing and accessories. We take our time to craft, for you to appreciate the edge of denim and leather, which is seamlessly fused. We also encourage self-sufficiency and work together with like-minded people in the efforts of growing organically."

Some of his work can be seen at Box Shop in Soweto and in Durban at The Bat Centre, where the Elppag store is based.