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Thursday, September 6, 2018


(Lorin Sookool, Jabu Siphika & Zinhle Nzama)


Dance that moves away from traditional performance spaces to challenge its audience has always been of interest to contemporary dance-makers. In the spirit of adventure and creating new ways in which to interact and engage with audiences, this year the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience joins forces with the Durban Art Gallery to present a JOMBA! @ DAG a free public event tomorrow (Friday, September 7 at 18h00 at the Gallery in Anton Lembede Road.)

This event brings together dance-makers and fine artists in the unique site-responsive space of DAG. In keeping with the Women’s Month DAG exhibition theme of “SHE” which has been curated by Jenny Stretton, JOMBA! @DAG features work by Durban women dance-makers Lorin Sookool, and Jabu Siphika and Zinhle Nzama, Swiss choreographer and dancer Ioannis Mandafounis, Malagasy Gaby Saranouffi who partners with South Africa’s Moeketsi Koena and films by Spain’s Aïda Colmenero Dïaz.

Lorin Sookool, fast developing a reputation for her iconic pop art, street funk and contemporary dance confluence, presents The Moon and Her Bloom that looks at the relationship between the sexual and the sacred. Jabu Siphika and Zinhle Nzama collaborate on a dance performance installation called Locked that looks at contemporary black (African) women’s lives that transect township, rural and urban living. The work will feature three generations of women (mothers, children and gogos). It is a very personal encounter with black women’s private and public selves and the questions around identity that link into the ‘#metoo’ phenomenon.

Ioannis Mandafounis, once again shares his unique vision of challenging audience/dancer relationships. His latest duet ONE-ONE-ONE offers the simple staging of two parallel lines on the floor and two chairs, one on each line. The dancers invade the public space and invite the audience into an unexpected experience providing a witty and challenging dance work.

Malagasy Gaby Saranouffi partners with South Africa’s Moeketsi Koena in a riveting duet CORPS/BODY a collaboration between four artists from France, South Africa, Madagascar and Mozambique that explores embodied links between the real and unreal through photography, music and dance.

Dance films created by Spain’s Aïda Colmenero Dïaz called SHE-POEMS are short solo pieces of contemporary dance performed by creative African women that Dïaz has encountered in her travels on the continent and are inspired by poems written by women.

JOMBA! @DAG is free and there is a cash bar.

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