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Thursday, September 6, 2018


Elizabeth S Moore’s provocative novel, The Man on The Middle Floor has taken the world by storm, from being listed as number one on Amazon’s Urban Fiction category and being rapidly selected by Audible, to being chosen by Marie Claire magazine as their summer read and heralded as ‘a sparkling debut’ by British GQ.

Having recently headlined at The Open Book in Cape Town, Moore’s thought-provoking novel is certainly attracting global attention. The book’s provocative themes have initiated a social commentary exploring issues of the growing disconnect within society and discussing the way that we relate to those with autism.
The Man on The Middle Floor is centred on three people who despite living in the same three-flat house in a London suburb, neighbours Tam, Nick and Karen are strangers to one another. On the bottom floor, Tam, a recent ex-cop, spends his days drowning his sorrows in whisky; on the middle floor is Nick, a man in his 20s with Asperger’s and a need for strict schedules and routines. The top floor belongs to Karen, a doctor and researcher who has spent her life trying to understand the rising rates of autism.

 (Elizabeth S Moore)

As diagnosis of autism reaches an all-time high, The Man on The Middle Floor seeks to explore the way that those on the spectrum are being incorporated in to everyday society and questions the mould of normality that the world attempts to enforce upon them. Moore’s fascination with the growing disconnect within families and communities is a continuous theme within the novel, and as the digital age continues to thrive and take over every element of our lives, The Man on The Middle Floor highlights those who fall between the cracks of the new modern world.

Throughout her life, Moore has been a journalist and a writer, now a mother of four children and having passed the 50-year milestone, she has demonstrated that it is never too late to become an author. She has written for numerous publications specialising in property development, fine wines, food and current affairs, with articles in The Sunday Express Magazine, The Witness in South Africa, SW, Good Housekeeping and Decanter.

For Moore, the foray into the literary world has highlighted the challenging and glacially slow nature of the publishing industry and with The Man on The Middle Floor, she aims to challenge the way in which political correctness has impacted the world of fictional writing. Thus far her challenge has been a success with Moore speaking regularly on Sky News, national UK radio shows and international book club platforms.

The Man on the Middle Floor is currently available on Amazon and in all major bookshops and available on Amazon.

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