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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


(“Umhlanga” – work by Charmaine Eastment)

The Butterflies for Africa gallery in Pietermaritzburg has received two of Charmaine Eastment’s new works in acrylics.

Jeni Cramer of the gallery explains that this is not her normal medium but she has wanted to explore this direction. ”These iconic landscapes of both Clarens and Umhlanga are captivating and the colours are bright and clear. She has taken her familiar style and developed a way of using acrylics which creates a bold and unique look. Although she will keep hold of her well known technique this is an experiment to see what the viewers’ reaction will be.

“These two large canvases have such good sense of both colour and form and almost show a ‘glass window’ effect. We also have new work from the brother of Isaac Sithole who was tutored by Isaac but has developed his own style in the medium and technique of woodcut prints,” she adds.

The work can be viewed in The Blue Caterpillar Gallery at the Butterflies for Africa complex at 37 Willowton Road in Pietermaritzburg. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Friday from 09h00 to 15h30, Saturdays 09h30 to 15h30 and Sundays 10h30 to 15h30.

For more information call Jeni Cramer on 033 387 1356 or visit

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