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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


(Style expert Shaldon Kopman, host Pabi Moloi & life coach Dr Zenia Barnard Photo: Sean Brand)

South Africa’s newest reality show gives people a chance at Love at Second Swipe.

Tune in to Lifetime’s new reality series Love at Second Swipe with host Pabi Moloi every Thursday from October 25, 2018, at 20h00 on Lifetime DStv 131

Love at Second Swipe is a South African adaptation of TLC's Love at First Swipe, sees Moloi working with a team including a style expert, makeup guru, hairdresser and a life coach to give people a makeover in an attempt to help them find love with their new look.

The six-hour long episodes are produced by Hi Mom, and will feature two participants per episode, getting style tips, online dating advice and an external makeover with an emotional reveal moment.

Love at Second Swipe promises to be uplifting, sometimes hard-hitting and always emotional. You’ll laugh and cry as you watch ordinary South Africans transformed inside and out, culminating in a jaw-dropping big reveal.

Moloi believes there’s so much about Love at Second Swipe that the viewer will be able to relate to, “These are personal stories, these are real human beings experiencing the anguish of wanting to love and be loved and not knowing how to navigate that and we’re going to capture those moments. It excites me to demystify what online dating is and to help people discover the true connection with themselves before they make a match with somebody else.”

The show’s ‘life coach’ Dr Zenia Barnard, who has degrees in both psychology and technology, says the ‘makeover’ isn’t a superficial exercise , “We delve into their emotional challenges and what has possibly been holding them back and what they can let go of. You can put as much makeup on and change your hair but if the emotional shift isn’t happening then that person isn’t going to find ultimate happiness and love.”

Renowned stylist Shaldon Kopman will help the Love at Second Swipe participants see what it is they need in order to portray themselves correctly on their online dating profiles. He adds, “A lot of people don’t understand how to dress themselves or how to style themselves. So in the show my role is to makeover the participants from a style perspective so that they can feel good and comfortable in their space and go out there and conquer.”

Catch Love at Second Swipe every Thursday from October 25, 2018, at 20h00 on Lifetime DStv 131.