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Sunday, October 21, 2018


(Sharon Ditchburn & Ross Lottering. Pic by Kevin Hillier)
It’s a good ensemble piece, everyone pulling together to produce an interesting and different musical revue. (Review by Caroline Smart)
Spot Light Productions have really challenged themselves with their new show, Soundtrack of Our Lives which offers something out of the ordinary with song and dance numbers mixed with much humour.
After her last show LM Radio’s Top Hits, director Sharon Watters decided that she wanted to do something “different” from the usual musical revue set-up.
Using her circus performer’s experience, mixed with a love of dance and theatre, Watters has created an entertaining production using clips from You-Tube to tell musical stories and taking ideas from James Corden’s The Late Late Show on CBS.
The key word from the title is “soundtrack”. For example, one number may have at least 20 phrases or verses from well-known songs – all skilfully mixed together in backing tracks so the sense of the lyrics smoothly follows the storyline.
The cast includes Caeley van Doorn; John Bell; Dani Cook; Sharon Ditchburn (musical director); Adam Fanner; Sharon Watters; Ross Lottering (Creative Director); Tyron Cathey and Kyla Buys. Youngsters Rachel Ditchburn and Ricardo Lottering made their first appearance on stage in the opening number.
(John Bell & Kyla Buys. Pic by Kevin Hillier)
The stage presents challenges in itself for the 9-member cast. Created in an L-shape alongside two of the walls, with one area barely large enough for two people to move easily, there are several independently-lit performance areas. Dancers John Bell and Kyla Buys have the largest space but even they were challenged with the height available. One of the lifts saw Buy’s raised hand just about touching the ceiling.
I would really like to see this show being done in a proper theatre venue with backstage space and where set changes and introduction/removal of props can be done in a more unobtrusive manner.
That said – the audience loved the show and entered into the spirit of the fun – particularly with a section where they were asked to pick names out of two hats – one being a song and the other being the style in which it would be performed. Hats off to van Doorn and Cathey for their excellent improvisations.
It’s a good ensemble piece, everyone pulling together. Bell and Buys handle a lot of the – often unwieldy - prop changes and Bell also appears to good effect in a few numbers. Watters even appears backlit behind the screen as the stripper in Patricia. We also had Fanner and Cathey in drag, and the clever illusion piece, Black and White Can Can.
Highlights for me were Stalker with Ditchburn, Cook and Lottering and van Doorn handling both parts of The Song That Goes Like This.
With Heather Dix in charge of piano and musical, the Technical Director is Kevin Hillier with lighting by Gabrielle Rio Stow.
Soundtrack Of Our Lives has two performances on October 26 and 27 at Musketeers Westville (German Club). The doors open at 19h00 and the show will start at 20h00. Tickets R100 pp. Food and drink is available from the venue.
For bookings contact Sharon Watters on 082 997 0709. The German Club is situated at 7 Barham Road in Westville. – Caroline Smart