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Saturday, October 13, 2018


(Anele Nene)

The Shoe Man is a feel good family show with comical elements used to tell the story of Sax, a young matriculant fighting to pass his exams so he can get his matric certificate.

Set in the rural area where we meet this 18 year-old boy who comes from nowhere, we see his burning passionate outspoken approach to making sure he gets an education.

In an explosive and comical way, we see Anele Nene who recently toured to Johannesburg with Menzi Mkhwane when they performed Pockets Of Knowledge, take on this story using all the elements of comic timing and charm that comes so naturally to him. Mkhwane has positioned Nene into The Show Man as he is his favourite actor to take the story to new highs.

The show has a strong running history having been performed at two major festivals (Hilton Arts Festival and the Festival of Fame in Johannesburg).

"Anele is a highly versatile actor and he is extremely intelligent. I find the more I work with him I work less at trying to direct acting but directing choices. I trust him. And nothing is more important to me inside the work more than trust," says Mkhwane confidently.

Menzi Mkhwane is the founder, CEO and Artistic Director of his own theatre company which is to be properly launched to the Durban community early next year. Already they have been offering a pleasing variety of shows to Durban audiences: A few months back, Mkhwane brought us Last Cow Standing his award-winning one-man show which is also published as a book by Junkets Publishers. This was followed by Amongst Men by dynamic writer Aphiwe Namba which Menzi directed.

In September, Menzi and his team brought us their first comedy Babazile! performed by talented actor Penny Ngayo Also written by Aphiwe Namba, produced and directed by Mkhwane.

This month Mkhwane and his team brings us a play by award-winning playwright and close friend to Mkhwane; Samson Mlambo, who has given Menzi the rights to produce and direct The Shoe Man.

"It’s such an easy piece. So clearly written, so witty and catchy and the fact that it touches on dreams and chasing education I see parents bringing their teenage boys and girls to see this. Samson’s writing crackles with high humour and the most intelligent original and catchy phrases that make one wonder how he invented or conceived of them. It will be a fun treat mounting this show," says Mkwane.

With zero set, Mkhwane will be doing what he does best perhaps better than any other artist in this town can - using only the voice, body and the imagination of the audience to carry the story of the Shoe Man.

Anele Nene who has spot-on comic timing and a range of different voices and impersonations takes on a whopping 10 characters all on his own!

Nene is one of the most exceptional rising stars of the Durban industry and Mkhwane has great faith in him. Consistent, intelligent, handsome and hungry - not many people would like to miss spending a fun-filled evening watching him whisk them off into a storyland far away from the present!

For more posts on The Shoe Man and its upcoming trailer follow Menzi Mkhwane on Facebook and look out for more stories about the show, the team, his company and much more on his wall.

The Shoe Man runs at the Bat Centre dance studio from October 25 to 27, 2018, then continues its run from November 1 to 3. Entrance R100. The show starts at 19h00 and is suitable for all ages. There will be matinee performances on October 25 and November 1 at 14h00.
(Preview is on October 22nd on the Monday evening. Friday night is half price. R50 per person)