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Monday, November 12, 2018


Open Day: November 17, 2018

A ten-day intensive arts making residency retreat featuring 22 artists, the much anticipated annual Thupelo workshop, will be held at Ikomkhulu gallery and artists workspace at Ambassador House Gallery in Durban. An initiative of the Greatmore studios - based in Cape Town, the residency will be running until November 17, 2018, culminating in a public open day.

“The idea behind the workshop’s ethos is about making art without distraction. This also encourages a space for sharing skills and ideas in an innovative environment where artists feel safe to experiment and learn. The intention is to allow fresh work to happen in a creative way so that others can engage with it and converse. There is no hierarchy and no ownership. Since 1985, each workshop, regional or international, has had its own identity which unfolds as the workshop progresses. Because the material budget is often quite low, sharing and the use of found objects or donated materials is encouraged,” explains Witty Nyide: Co-ordinator: Regional and International Thupelo Workshops in KZN.

The process culminates with an open day to let the public showcase what the artists would have created by the 10th day. This takes place in the Ikomkhulu Gallery, Ambassador House, Durban on November 17, 2018.