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Monday, November 19, 2018


(Nosipho Pehlo, Lungisa Meyiwa & Kimara Govender)

AFDA presents Two Dead Government Officials, a play that shows a vibrant collaboration between 3rd year student Actors and professional theatre makers. The production premieres on November 20 in the Playhouse Loft.

This award winning play is written by a Zimbabwean playwright Thandiwe Nyamasvisva, directed by a South African theatre director Philisiwe Twijnstra. Starring 3rd year Live performance AFDA students actors; Nosipho Pehlo,Lungisa Meyiwa, and Kimara Govender.

The characters are complex, intriguing and for an actor a gift to bring to live. Three women on stage, a female director and a female playwright creates an intriguing chemistry around this “dark” play that unfolds as a theatrical who-done-it or a who-done-what. #WomenInTheatre

The play tells the story of a young defiant woman named Temptation, she is visiting her aunt from America, she is held up at the airport because she has been caught, trying to bribe a custom officer, not to charge her because she has 1800 tablets of propoxyphene in her bag, which those pills are used as a recreational drug in the streets of Zimbabwe. The play was first developed in Twist Projects- Novel Script, mentored by Kobus Moolman. Nyamasvisva went on developing  the play as a full length.

Twinjstra directs with clear strong vision exploring matriarchy and power amongst black women who are in power, the play dwells  in themes such as mother’s love, justice,  revenge, betrayal and political activism.

This play where the narrative navigates through the relationship between the aunt and niece, ulterior motives that are subtly played throughout, and a heart-wrenching narrative that leaves the audience on a high, deep-gutted emotion. Twijnstra challenged the young theatre actors to challenge themselves beyond their discovered limits.

The premiere takes place on November 20, 2018, at 14h00 in the Playhouse Loft. Tickets R40 at the door.